Skyline Swing Door Trash Receptacle - 32 Gallon


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Description of Skyline Swing Door

Skyline Swing Door Slat Style Receptacle is one of the industries most popular receptacles. It is one of the best receptacles when it comes design and build. The best trash cans have been known to offer weight, capacity, and look and the offers all three.

The receptacle comes in a 36 gallon capacity and fits perfectly next to any line of strap or slat metal benches or picnic tables .

Waste receptacles are there to keep garbage in one place, plain and simple. However, if you nod your head to this claim and move on, get ready to change your mind and learn why the right waste containers matter so much.

Their basic function  Jackson Receptacle is to keep trash in one place until removed. However, there are other functions that come with it as well. Here are just some of them.

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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Silver, Tan, White

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