Flight Jet 

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Description of Flight Jet

Flight Jet  Seating 3 in a row, the Flight Jet is a realistic adventure game with two turning steering wheels.

Makes a wonderful addition to any play area.  The Club-house Roof and benches provide a snug place to hang out and socialize or watch what’s going on around the playground. Is a great addition to every playground. Kids love to spend time playing together inside or around this great structure.

It is traditional post and deck structure that meets standards for both 2-5 year and 6-23 month age groups. It’s whimsical roof provides shade, which ASTM recommends for play spaces for children 6-23 months. The roof will feature a leaf pattern in the natural color option and star pattern in the playful color option

The cooperation and hand-eye coordination as children toss the balls into the funneled top opening and exiting the numbered openings (labeled 1-3).



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